[2013-09-02 22:31:00] <TastySalamanders> update
[2013-09-02 22:31:45] <TastySalamanders> WHAT
[2013-09-02 22:31:59] <TastySalamanders> WHAAAAATTTTTTTT
[2013-09-02 22:32:31] <Catuse> oh my god
[2013-09-02 22:33:07] <Catuse> so ... Aranea was evil the whole time? Or is she actually well intentioned and pretending to be evil for lulz?
[2013-09-02 22:33:49] <TastySalamanders> I have no idea
[2013-09-02 22:40:41] -->| Aepokk_Venset (321ca6a4@gateway/web/qwebirc/ has joined #wikia-mspa
[2013-09-02 22:40:46] <Aepokk_Venset> MINDFANG COMING THROUGH MOTHERFUCKERS
[2013-09-02 22:41:51] <Aepokk_Venset> LIGHT COME HERE AND FREAK OUT WITH ME
[2013-09-02 22:45:40] <TastySalamanders> I ALREADY DID
[2013-09-02 22:45:48] <TastySalamanders> YOU WEREN'T HERE THOUGH
[2013-09-02 22:46:24] <Aepokk_Venset> Holy shit
[2013-09-02 22:46:27] <Aepokk_Venset> 8ig 8ad???
[2013-09-02 22:47:03] <Catuse> probably not the 8ig 8ad, English is too powerful for that
[2013-09-02 22:47:03] <Catuse> then
[2013-09-02 22:47:05] <Catuse> again
[2013-09-02 22:47:11] <Catuse> Vriska was behind Noir...
[2013-09-02 22:47:58] <TastySalamanders> Aranea can control Gamzee, could she somehow be responsible for the Gamzee/cherubs stuff?
[2013-09-02 22:48:10] <TastySalamanders> Oh you beat me to it Catuse
[2013-09-02 22:49:07] <Aepokk_Venset> Dang
[2013-09-02 22:49:21] <Aepokk_Venset> Well okay do either of yousubscribe to Inversion theory?
[2013-09-02 22:50:20] <Catuse> I've heard of it, but never could figure out what it is
[2013-09-02 22:50:37] <TastySalamanders> I have some stock in it
[2013-09-02 22:50:47] <Aepokk_Venset> I made what I thought was an easy-to-understand layout of it
[2013-09-02 22:51:08] <Aepokk_Venset>
[2013-09-02 22:51:18] <Aepokk_Venset> By my class lineup, she inverts to Mage of Void
[2013-09-02 22:51:24] <Aepokk_Venset> by BKE's, well.....
[2013-09-02 22:51:26] <Aepokk_Venset> Prince
[2013-09-02 22:51:28] <Catuse> Oh, that's what it is
[2013-09-02 22:51:30] <Aepokk_Venset> Prince of Void.
[2013-09-02 22:52:03] <Aepokk_Venset> Yeah. Aspect pairs, paired up. You flip the active of one pair to the passive of the other, plus you switch to the other aspect in the pair
[2013-09-02 22:52:10] <Aepokk_Venset> *Class pairs, paired up
[2013-09-02 22:53:44] <TastySalamanders> Speaking of BKE, waiting for his reaction to this update
[2013-09-02 22:54:01] <TastySalamanders> Because some major parts of his theories have sunk
[2013-09-02 22:55:07] <Aepokk_Venset> oh it's there
[2013-09-02 22:55:24] <Aepokk_Venset>
[2013-09-02 22:55:34] <TastySalamanders> Someone even made a poll on the forum after we saw Gamzee had stolen the ring, questioning who he would give it to
[2013-09-02 22:55:42] <TastySalamanders> Aranea was an option, she got no votes
[2013-09-02 22:55:55] <Catuse> AH juked us.
[2013-09-02 22:55:58] <Catuse> as he always does.
[2013-09-02 22:56:00] <Aepokk_Venset> Wow
[2013-09-02 22:56:04] -->| ForgeChancellor (d31bb469@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #wikia-mspa
[2013-09-02 22:56:09] <ForgeChancellor> wait
[2013-09-02 22:56:09] <ForgeChancellor> what
[2013-09-02 22:56:12] <Aepokk_Venset> I was guessing Kurloz or Tavros for top candidates
[2013-09-02 22:56:12] <ForgeChancellor> just what
[2013-09-02 22:56:24] <Aepokk_Venset> yeah join the club
[2013-09-02 22:56:26] <TastySalamanders> FC, I believe you feel like the rest of us right now
[2013-09-02 22:56:41] <ForgeChancellor> i was thinking vriska for a moment
[2013-09-02 22:56:45] <ForgeChancellor> then lolaranea?
[2013-09-02 22:57:39] <Aepokk_Venset> that was literally everyone's exact reaction, I think
[2013-09-02 22:58:45] <TastySalamanders> Yeah, basically, see Scorpio symbol, "fuck you Vriska", sees silhouette, "wait"
[2013-09-02 22:58:52] <TastySalamanders> And then freak out
[2013-09-02 22:59:08] <Aepokk_Venset> yUP
[2013-09-02 22:59:13] <Aepokk_Venset> Hussie is
[2013-09-02 22:59:19] <Aepokk_Venset> a madman
[2013-09-02 22:59:20] <ForgeChancellor> shh
[2013-09-02 22:59:24] <ForgeChancellor> vriska is best troll
[2013-09-02 22:59:45] <Aepokk_Venset> Which BKE theories have sunk btw?
[2013-09-02 23:01:02] <TastySalamanders>
[2013-09-02 23:01:18] <TastySalamanders> Well, Vriska coming back to life
[2013-09-02 23:01:25] <Aepokk_Venset> Wait yeah she does look oddly malicious there
[2013-09-02 23:01:38] <Aepokk_Venset> It could happen later? Try 8th subdivision
[2013-09-02 23:01:41] <Aepokk_Venset> A6A6I4
[2013-09-02 23:02:02] <TastySalamanders> Maybe, but its a long shot now
[2013-09-02 23:02:14] <Aepokk_Venset> Yes, can't argue with that
[2013-09-02 23:02:25] <Aepokk_Venset> But wow was that actually the last shot of Aranea?
[2013-09-02 23:02:35] <TastySalamanders> All of Aranea's previous actions are thrown into question
[2013-09-02 23:02:37] <Aepokk_Venset> And we all thought she was just annoyed.
[2013-09-02 23:02:40] <TastySalamanders> No it wasn't
[2013-09-02 23:02:48] <TastySalamanders> That was on the boat
[2013-09-02 23:02:56] <Aepokk_Venset> Wait right then the
[2013-09-02 23:02:59] <Catuse> Is this why she wouldn't shut up about alien snake sex?
[2013-09-02 23:03:00] <Aepokk_Venset> stuff happened right
[2013-09-02 23:03:01] <TastySalamanders> She later got off the boat to help with the treasure
[2013-09-02 23:03:03] <Catuse> so she wouldn't have to talk about the rings?
[2013-09-02 23:03:10] <Aepokk_Venset> No I remeber now
[2013-09-02 23:03:13] <Catuse> is this why she knows the backstory in the first place?
[2013-09-02 23:03:21] <Aepokk_Venset> Shit Catuse has a point
[2013-09-02 23:03:23] <Catuse> Aranea, you bitch.
[2013-09-02 23:03:29] <Catuse> You glorious, manipulative bitch.
[2013-09-02 23:03:57] <Aepokk_Venset> This is great
[2013-09-02 23:04:40] <TastySalamanders> She knew about Terezi, she knew she didn't need her eyes healed, she knew it would help her deal with having killed Vriska, she very likely must have known how it would effect Terezi, but she offered and eventually healed Terezi
[2013-09-02 23:04:46] |<-- ForgeChancellor has left freenode (Quit: IRO-bot will not die)
[2013-09-02 23:04:59] <TastySalamanders> Aranea very likely sabotaged Terezi
[2013-09-02 23:05:06] <Aepokk_Venset> Wow.
[2013-09-02 23:05:49] <TastySalamanders> That's what I mean about her previous actions being called into question
[2013-09-02 23:06:06] <Aepokk_Venset> Anything else?
[2013-09-02 23:06:09] <Catuse> what else has she done that's plot relevant...
[2013-09-02 23:06:16] <Catuse> oh\
[2013-09-02 23:06:19] <Aepokk_Venset> Oh btw, her being Mindfang adds up much better now
[2013-09-02 23:06:21] <Catuse> she told Damara to scratch
[2013-09-02 23:06:30] <Aepokk_Venset> o__o
[2013-09-02 23:06:37] <TastySalamanders> Why was she talking to Jake? Why did she think it is too early for him to know about him being named after English?
[2013-09-02 23:06:58] <Aepokk_Venset> Shit
[2013-09-02 23:06:59] <TastySalamanders> I mean, from our perspective it gave us exposition, but what did it do for Jake?
[2013-09-02 23:07:04] <Catuse> and searched for Calliope... to destroy her, perhaps?
[2013-09-02 23:07:08] <Catuse> idek anymore
[2013-09-02 23:07:11] <Aepokk_Venset> OH. SHIT.
[2013-09-02 23:07:17] <Aepokk_Venset> CATUSE YOU MAD GENIUS
[2013-09-02 23:07:21] <Catuse> nah
[2013-09-02 23:07:24] <Catuse> I just read the wiki page on her :p
[2013-09-02 23:07:32] <Aepokk_Venset> Well guess what
[2013-09-02 23:07:40] <Aepokk_Venset> She knows full well she's a light player
[2013-09-02 23:07:51] <Aepokk_Venset> Even if she wasn't gonna destroy Calliope,
[2013-09-02 23:08:08] <Aepokk_Venset> She knows her presence would destroy her obfuscation and reveal her to English
[2013-09-02 23:09:05] <TastySalamanders> And what if Gamzee did raise the cherubs due to her? Why would Aranea do that? What could she even be planning by setting English on reality?
[2013-09-02 23:09:21] <Aepokk_Venset> I'm not so sure on that part
[2013-09-02 23:09:39] <Aepokk_Venset> However, she is a mindreader surrounded by servants of English
[2013-09-02 23:09:44] <Aepokk_Venset> and she never said a damn thing
[2013-09-02 23:10:59] <TastySalamanders> What about Mituna? Was she withholding information about his incident? I always found it suspicious that Mituna would continue to be moirails with Kurloz if his sacrifice was caused by Kurloz
[2013-09-02 23:11:23] <TastySalamanders> Unless Kurloz had nothing to do with it
[2013-09-02 23:11:50] <TastySalamanders> How did Aranea even know Kurloz was there without even knowing what the incident was?
[2013-09-02 23:12:01] <TastySalamanders> I might need to re-read what she said
[2013-09-02 23:12:08] <Aepokk_Venset> she was probably right there
[2013-09-02 23:12:25] <Aepokk_Venset> and i got the implication that kurloz just happened to arrive after the damage was done but idk
[2013-09-02 23:13:43] <Catuse> I wonder if any of this ties in with the A1 session glitch
[2013-09-02 23:14:27] <Aepokk_Venset> You guys keep mentioning a session glitch, where was that noted?
[2013-09-02 23:15:20] <Catuse> a few paragraphs into Scratch's evil speech
[2013-09-02 23:15:23] <TastySalamanders> Doc Scratch, if he is Lil Hal, his super intelligence doesn't fully explain his omniscience. Some thought being mixed with B2 Rose's ectoslime might be part of it, or merging with Equius, but if Aranea is behind Lord English, could her LIGHT powers applied in the correct way give that sort of knowledge to a being like Lil Hal?
[2013-09-02 23:15:37] <Catuse> "But their failure was more comprehensive, more systemic, than a result of simple inadequacy so common to young players of this game. Though they could not recognize it for the bad omen it was, this session was not the one in which they had been spawned. Such is the symptom of a subtle glitch affecting certain sessions, an error designed to trigger an unfathomable cascade of misfortune...
[2013-09-02 23:15:37] <Catuse> ...throughout paradox space. This glitch is the calling card of the one I serve. It is the discreet, gentlemanly manner in which he reserves his place in a universe for later visitation. "
[2013-09-02 23:15:40] <TastySalamanders> You forgot about the session glitch?
[2013-09-02 23:17:18] <Aepokk_Venset> Yeah somehow
[2013-09-02 23:17:34] <Aepokk_Venset> I still can't fathom how ectokids are sent backwards through a scratch
[2013-09-02 23:17:55] <Aepokk_Venset> and I guess I always just wrote it off as "whatever, it's a bad session like B1"
[2013-09-02 23:19:36] <Catuse> doesn't make much sense to me either tbh
[2013-09-02 23:19:49] <Aepokk_Venset> ...Oh shit she's a god tier
[2013-09-02 23:19:52] <Catuse> but then again, when does anything involving time travel?
[2013-09-02 23:21:59] <Aepokk_Venset> I guess
[2013-09-02 23:22:11] <Aepokk_Venset> temporal displacement and all that but still
[2013-09-02 23:22:22] <Aepokk_Venset> there's only so much cause and effect order i can dismiss
[2013-09-02 23:22:27] <TastySalamanders> Well, my understanding of the A1 scratch effecting the A2 portals would be that Skaia didn't use the energy to change its own portals but somehow other portals, maybe via a connection between all Skaias?
[2013-09-02 23:22:43] <Aepokk_Venset> an entire session giving birth to the one before its scratch kinda blows my mind
[2013-09-02 23:22:55] <Aepokk_Venset> That expalnation helps
[2013-09-02 23:22:57] <Catuse> well, can you really consider them on the same timeline?
[2013-09-02 23:23:14] <Aepokk_Venset> Uuuuugh
[2013-09-02 23:23:15] <Catuse> like, Aranea says she's billions of years old, but she's just being cryptic
[2013-09-02 23:23:33] <Aepokk_Venset> ?
[2013-09-02 23:24:28] <Catuse> I guess you could say A1 and A2 happen at the same time, and the scratch was inevitable
[2013-09-02 23:24:37] <Catuse> ...I'm not making any sense even to myself at this point
[2013-09-02 23:24:54] <Aepokk_Venset> I like Light's explanation the best
[2013-09-02 23:25:16] <Aepokk_Venset> wait so did A1 have a reckoning at all or no?
[2013-09-02 23:25:26] <Catuse> idk
[2013-09-02 23:26:41] <TastySalamanders> Well if I recall they failed their session because the battlefield was destroyed, so yes
[2013-09-02 23:26:58] <Aepokk_Venset> Okay
[2013-09-02 23:27:07] <Aepokk_Venset> I guess those meteors just
[2013-09-02 23:27:09] <Aepokk_Venset> didn't
[2013-09-02 23:27:12] <Aepokk_Venset> go anywhere?
[2013-09-02 23:27:14] <Aepokk_Venset> idk
[2013-09-02 23:27:17] <TastySalamanders> A joke post from before the update:
[2013-09-02 23:27:28] <TastySalamanders> No, they would have went to Beforus
[2013-09-02 23:27:41] <Aepokk_Venset> Wow I almost find myself wishign it HAD been Kurlozat this point, I'm somehow even more terrified
[2013-09-02 23:27:46] <Catuse> XD
[2013-09-02 23:27:47] <TastySalamanders> There just wouldn't have been any meteors carrying babies
[2013-09-02 23:28:09] <Aepokk_Venset> So
[2013-09-02 23:28:20] <Aepokk_Venset> Beforus got two sets of meteors
[2013-09-02 23:28:22] <Aepokk_Venset> That sucks
[2013-09-02 23:29:21] <TastySalamanders> What?
[2013-09-02 23:29:47] <Aepokk_Venset> Well, the baby meteors from A2
[2013-09-02 23:29:52] <Aepokk_Venset> and maybe more meteors from it
[2013-09-02 23:29:57] <Aepokk_Venset> plus the A1 meteors
[2013-09-02 23:31:01] <TastySalamanders> Nah, only baby meteors are duplicated, and all 24 of those would have arrived long before the A1s played Sgrub (except perhaps Aradia's in a Handmaid parallel?)
[2013-09-02 23:33:05] -->| Hexedmagica ( has joined #wikia-mspa
[2013-09-02 23:33:16] <TastySalamanders> Oh Hex
[2013-09-02 23:33:25] <Aepokk_Venset> You poor thing
[2013-09-02 23:33:29] <Aepokk_Venset> Are you okay hex
[2013-09-02 23:33:31] <TastySalamanders> Before I make the comment I was about to to Aepokk
[2013-09-02 23:33:37] <TastySalamanders> Have you seen the update?
[2013-09-02 23:33:43] <Catuse> he has
[2013-09-02 23:33:44] <Catuse> in fact
[2013-09-02 23:33:47] <Catuse> he was already here
[2013-09-02 23:33:52] <Aepokk_Venset> oh my god
[2013-09-02 23:34:08] <Catuse> ???
[2013-09-02 23:34:59] <TastySalamanders> Anyhow my comment, BKE (well his friend?) has also came upon the idea that Aranea sabotaged Terezi
[2013-09-02 23:35:30] <Catuse> oh god
[2013-09-02 23:35:37] <TastySalamanders> Which is what I was saying
[2013-09-02 23:35:54] <Catuse> I can't stop staring at Aranea's eyes in the final page.
[2013-09-02 23:36:26] <Aepokk_Venset> right?
[2013-09-02 23:36:32] <Aepokk_Venset> It's delightfulyl creepy
[2013-09-02 23:36:50] <Aepokk_Venset> God, not only the rigns but
[2013-09-02 23:36:57] <Aepokk_Venset> Aranea knew a fuckton about Cherubs
[2013-09-02 23:37:11] <Aepokk_Venset> and Calliope and Caliborn;s story specifically
[2013-09-02 23:37:56] <Catuse> yeah
[2013-09-02 23:38:45] <Aepokk_Venset>
[2013-09-02 23:39:01] <Catuse> when I caught up (started reading around A6A2, but didn't actually catch up until A6I5 because I'm slow) I kept wondering why Aranea was so omnipotent
[2013-09-02 23:39:04] <Catuse> *omniscient
[2013-09-02 23:40:03] <Catuse> coursre
[2013-09-02 23:40:05] <Catuse> *course
[2013-09-02 23:40:10] <Catuse> this doesn't explain how she knows everything
[2013-09-02 23:40:12] <Catuse> just why she knows it
[2013-09-02 23:40:31] <TastySalamanders> It is possible that Aranea wasn't always like this though: "You helped me finally understand the virtue in rationalizing  questiona8le decisions, and 8ehaving unscrupulously for the gr8ter good!"
[2013-09-02 23:40:51] <Catuse> True.
[2013-09-02 23:41:08] <TastySalamanders> But we still don't know what Aranea has done, or will do now she has came to this "revelation"
[2013-09-02 23:41:18] <Catuse> Can't ignore the possibility that she only went dark just now, or maybe that she's being ... manipulated by somebody else
[2013-09-02 23:41:18] <Aepokk_Venset> I was thinking that when I skimmed back through the logs
[2013-09-02 23:41:35] <Catuse> it's Homestuck, more man-behind-the-man than Final Fantasy fucking Tactics.
[2013-09-02 23:41:42] <Aepokk_Venset> Upon spending time with Vriska, she decided she wanted to be taken more seriously
[2013-09-02 23:42:15] <Aepokk_Venset> I'd say an explanation for her knowing all this shit is dream bubbles
[2013-09-02 23:42:28] <Aepokk_Venset> dream bubbles and careful, methodic info-seeking
[2013-09-02 23:42:42] <Catuse> true
[2013-09-02 23:42:47] <Aepokk_Venset> So did Kurloz get the coat for English, or for her?
[2013-09-02 23:43:02] <TastySalamanders> From the forum: "If you can't trust the Exposition Fairy, who can you trust?"
[2013-09-02 23:43:14] <TastySalamanders> Other forum person: "The other Exposition Fairy, Aradia! :aradia:"
[2013-09-02 23:44:13] <Aepokk_Venset> I like that first quote, I like it a lot
[2013-09-02 23:44:35] <Aepokk_Venset> and props to Hussie for pulling such a unique twist on a character archetype
[2013-09-02 23:44:51] <TastySalamanders> duedlyfirearms is quick on the update art
[2013-09-02 23:44:54] <Aepokk_Venset> Now how is Aradia an exposition fairy? I don't recall much out of her
[2013-09-02 23:45:27] <Aepokk_Venset> Great upd8 art
[2013-09-02 23:46:07] <TastySalamanders> She did exposition on dream bubbles, Doc Scratch, some claspect stuff, guiding the dead, etc
[2013-09-02 23:46:20] <TastySalamanders> But of course Aradia is bonkers
[2013-09-02 23:46:55] <Aepokk_Venset> Mhm that's already very apparent
[2013-09-02 23:47:34] <Aepokk_Venset> here's our best proof she's new to being malicious
[2013-09-02 23:48:15] <Catuse> And then the line after
[2013-09-02 23:48:26] <Catuse> I guess Aepokk_Venset	Upon spending time with Vriska, she decided she wanted to be taken more seriously <-- you might be right after all
[2013-09-02 23:48:46] <Aepokk_Venset> Yeah but I'm still wary
[2013-09-02 23:49:01] <Aepokk_Venset> This is very new and at the moment, very vague
[2013-09-02 23:49:22] <Aepokk_Venset> Implications / motivations of past actions aside, all bets are off for what she's going to do next
[2013-09-03 00:00:13] <Aepokk_Venset> I had to update my obituary for this
[2013-09-03 00:03:48] <TastySalamanders> Also I updated another part of your page for you
[2013-09-03 00:06:23] <Aepokk_Venset> Oh?
[2013-09-03 00:06:38] <Aepokk_Venset> ah right, I always MISS THAT
[2013-09-03 00:07:00] <Aepokk_Venset> Thank you very much
[2013-09-03 00:15:12] <TastySalamanders> Also, SN made the proposed alternate FA system
[2013-09-03 00:16:00] <TastySalamanders> It is still in implementation mode I think but if you want to have a look:
[2013-09-03 00:16:10] <Aepokk_Venset> Oh I did check it out
[2013-09-03 00:16:27] <Aepokk_Venset> I just haven't come up with a good nomination yet, or a good enough support for any existign ones
[2013-09-03 00:18:45] <Aepokk_Venset> A6A6 oughta be title The 8ig 8ad
[2013-09-03 00:18:50] <Aepokk_Venset> *titled
[2013-09-03 00:18:53] <Aepokk_Venset> I hope 
[2013-09-03 00:18:57] <Aepokk_Venset> Hussie has thoguht of this
[2013-09-03 00:22:44] <Hexedmagica> So what's the bet on the ur-man behind the man behind the troll behind the troll behind the cherub etc
[2013-09-03 00:23:58] <TastySalamanders>
[2013-09-03 00:25:38] <Aepokk_Venset> Yup already reblogged
[2013-09-03 00:26:12] <Aepokk_Venset> He made the best point though
[2013-09-03 00:26:18] <Aepokk_Venset> Or rather, hsi friend did
[2013-09-03 00:26:24] <Aepokk_Venset> "she seemed at first to be the only Beforus troll absolutely nothing like the Alternian ancestor that they became."
[2013-09-03 00:30:17] <TastySalamanders> Also, another pre-date post:
[2013-09-03 00:32:10] <Aepokk_Venset> heh nice
[2013-09-03 00:34:28] <Aepokk_Venset> Who here is good with photoshop? I'd like a blank slate of this to make Act 6 Act 6: {{color|aranea|The 8ig 8ad}}
[2013-09-03 00:34:36] <Aepokk_Venset> and yes i know wikicode doesn't work here
[2013-09-03 00:37:44] <Aepokk_Venset> Well i should go to sleep
[2013-09-03 00:37:45] <TastySalamanders> I don't have photoshop, only gimp
[2013-09-03 00:37:49] <Aepokk_Venset> Ah
[2013-09-03 00:37:53] <TastySalamanders> But I might be able to do something?
[2013-09-03 00:37:54] <Aepokk_Venset> Well if it works?
[2013-09-03 00:37:58] <Aepokk_Venset> Yeah
[2013-09-03 00:38:20] <Aepokk_Venset> idk if having this too will help?
[2013-09-03 00:38:42] <TastySalamanders> Nah
[2013-09-03 00:39:04] <Aepokk_Venset> Alright
[2013-09-03 00:41:27] <TastySalamanders> Almost done
[2013-09-03 00:41:52] <Aepokk_Venset> Awesome
[2013-09-03 00:44:40] <TastySalamanders> Done
[2013-09-03 00:45:34] <TastySalamanders>
[2013-09-03 00:45:35] <Aepokk_Venset> Sweet!
[2013-09-03 00:46:30] <Aepokk_Venset> Myedit should be done in a few mintues
[2013-09-03 00:48:13] <Aepokk_Venset> Can you tell what font that is?
[2013-09-03 00:48:50] <TastySalamanders> I think it is Arial
[2013-09-03 00:49:27] <Aepokk_Venset> thanks
[2013-09-03 00:53:46] <Aepokk_Venset> alright now just an image of a ring and I'm set
[2013-09-03 00:56:44] <Aepokk_Venset> done
[2013-09-03 00:57:47] <Aepokk_Venset>
[2013-09-03 01:00:48] <Aepokk_Venset> I'm pretty proud of myself. But with that, I must say goodnight
[2013-09-03 01:01:43] <Aepokk_Venset> cya!
[2013-09-03 01:01:46] |<-- Aepokk_Venset has left freenode (Quit: Wikia webchat:
[2013-09-03 01:30:09] <TastySalamanders> Wait, two mistakes in a row Hussie? For shame
[2013-09-03 01:35:17] <TastySalamanders> And now it is fixed- holy hell how large is your pupil Aranea
[2013-09-03 01:37:21] <TastySalamanders> On checking Vriska's sprite it seems the pupil was always that large
[2013-09-03 01:37:47] <TastySalamanders> For some reason on Aranea it looks huge, probably too used to seeing her without pupils
[2013-09-03 01:43:39] <Hexedmagica> update again i think wait did that happen how long ago
[2013-09-03 01:44:51] <TastySalamanders> It happened like four mins ago
[2013-09-03 01:45:09] <Hexedmagica> ...the fact Aranea's ringtone for Meenah is Fuchsia Ruler makes me happy. 
[2013-09-03 02:42:12] <TastySalamanders> "A starquake is an astrophysical phenomenon that occurs when the crust of a neutron star undergoes a sudden adjustment, analogous to an earthquake on Earth."
[2013-09-03 02:44:26] <TastySalamanders> "A paper published [...] suggests these starquakes to be the source of the giant gamma ray flares [...] The largest recorded starquake was recorded on December 27, 2004 [...]. It released gamma rays equivalent to 1036  kW in intensity. This starquake occurred 50,000 light years away. Had  the event occurred within a distance of ten light years from Earth, the  event could have potentially triggered a mass extinction 
[2013-09-03 02:46:31] <Hexedmagica> wat
[2013-09-03 02:46:34] <Hexedmagica> wow
[2013-09-03 02:51:17] <TastySalamanders> Remember, the universe is terrifying
[2013-09-03 02:53:14] <Hexedmagica> I know but yeah stuff like that always puts it in perspective.
[2013-09-03 02:57:55] <TastySalamanders> So some people are theorising that part of Aranea's plan is taking Jake for herself, or stealing him off Jane
[2013-09-03 02:58:36] <TastySalamanders> (Wonders why no one has combined this theory with the "me on my way to steal your boyfriend/girlfriend" meme)
[2013-09-03 03:13:12] <Hexedmagica> xD
[2013-09-03 03:13:48] <Hexedmagica> I don't particularly like Jake/Aranea that much. Mainly because I dislike Jake.
[2013-09-03 03:14:24] <TastySalamanders> Aside from Jake being thick as hell, what is wrong with Jake?
[2013-09-03 03:15:12] <TastySalamanders> Just grinds your gears or a certain thing in particular?
[2013-09-03 03:21:45] <Hexedmagica> Just mainly how stupid and Genre Blind he is.
[2013-09-03 03:56:30] -->| Sorceror_Nobody ( has joined #wikia-mspa
[2013-09-03 04:03:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...............................ARANEA
[2013-09-03 04:07:26] <Sorceror_Nobody> Also her last trivia item is probably about to change
[2013-09-03 04:13:53] <TastySalamanders> About never being a playable character?
[2013-09-03 04:14:37] <Sorceror_Nobody> Mmhm
[2013-09-03 04:15:41] <TastySalamanders> Have any characters actually been "played" as during these intermission? Don't we mostly just follow them instead? (lapse in recall) The only one I can explicitly remember being "controlled" was Viceroy von Salamancer aka Casey
[2013-09-03 04:17:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Nothing but ====> thus far for A6A6 intermissions, though plenty of character commands in earlier A6 intermissions
[2013-09-03 04:18:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> Most recently Slick and Ms Paint
[2013-09-03 04:18:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> And Crowbar
[2013-09-03 04:18:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Then VBVS before that
[2013-09-03 04:18:54] <Sorceror_Nobody> So we shall see
[2013-09-03 04:21:03] <TastySalamanders> So Gamzee stole the ring and pillow for the same reason, Aranea, perhaps we now know why Kurloz stole Vriska's Mindfang coat, not for the Cairo Overcoat, but rather Mindfang herself
[2013-09-03 04:21:39] <Sorceror_Nobody> Turns out Aranea was Lord English all along
[2013-09-03 04:21:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Wait no fuck that doesn't work
[2013-09-03 04:23:32] <TastySalamanders> Your RN account logs the conversation right? Because lots of discussion about this took place earlier
[2013-09-03 04:23:50] * Sorceror_Nobody takes a gander
[2013-09-03 04:24:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> "What name does everyone here prefer: Union Jack or Jack English?"
[2013-09-03 04:24:48] <Sorceror_Nobody> Jack Noirglish
[2013-09-03 04:28:06] <TastySalamanders> But I wonder, can any living person be brought out of the dream bubbles like that? Could it work for Sollux and Aradia? Or is this a special ability of the Ring of Life?
[2013-09-03 04:29:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> Or a special ability of Aranea. Or Gamzee. SPECULATION AHOY.
[2013-09-03 04:31:12] <TastySalamanders> Also Hex, if your on Tumblr you'll see this anyhow, but if not:
[2013-09-03 04:32:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hah
[2013-09-03 05:02:33] <Sorceror_Nobody> I've decided that my favoured method of attack in [S] ACT 4 ==> is just to lob Sassacre's at everything
[2013-09-03 05:02:49] <TastySalamanders> XP
[2013-09-03 05:05:31] <Sorceror_Nobody> �Behold Y/N
[2013-09-03 05:05:34] <Sorceror_Nobody> Y
[2013-09-03 05:09:52] <Sorceror_Nobody> Maybe I should try throwing the Illegal Contraband at imps and see if it's anathema to them
[2013-09-03 05:10:46] <Sorceror_Nobody> Alas no
[2013-09-03 05:17:21] <TastySalamanders> You know we actually have a page for that Flash, but it is poorly named and has basically no links to it
[2013-09-03 05:17:37] <TastySalamanders>
[2013-09-03 05:18:04] <TastySalamanders> (comment on your link on the ongoing gags page)
[2013-09-03 05:23:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> ...didn't the Felt template have a thing where it would link to the relevant member if you used them as a parameter?
[2013-09-03 05:23:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> I could have sworn it did
[2013-09-03 05:23:40] <Sorceror_Nobody> Oh, we have separate ones now
[2013-09-03 05:23:44] <Sorceror_Nobody> Redundant but okay
[2013-09-03 05:25:44] <TastySalamanders> Yeah it did, but then it replaced it with a bunch of individual ones because I felt it was easier to keep track of when using them on the page
[2013-09-03 05:26:19] <TastySalamanders> Because when using them as part of the Felt template, you had to be sure you entered the name with the correct casing or it wouldn't work
[2013-09-03 05:26:38] <Sorceror_Nobody> Easily remedied with #switch redundancy :P
[2013-09-03 05:26:49] <Sorceror_Nobody> But yeah that makes sense
[2013-09-03 05:27:40] <TastySalamanders> Also I thought it looked neater on pages, and less repetitive and whatnot
[2013-09-03 05:27:53] <TastySalamanders> So there were a few reasons
[2013-09-03 05:29:27] <Sorceror_Nobody> Hmm
[2013-09-03 05:29:42] <Sorceror_Nobody> What image do you think would be suitable for a "this section needs more MSPA links" template?
[2013-09-03 05:29:50] <Sorceror_Nobody> Just a small one, like the stub template
[2013-09-03 05:36:15] <Sorceror_Nobody> What MSPA links?
[2013-09-03 05:37:25] <TastySalamanders> Looks like a good choice
[2013-09-03 05:39:32] <Sorceror_Nobody> Do we have a Category:Articles lacking MSPA links or anything?
[2013-09-03 05:40:05] <Sorceror_Nobody> Ah, we do. A Homestuck one
[2013-09-03 05:40:08] <Sorceror_Nobody> I'll change that
[2013-09-03 05:52:23] <TastySalamanders> Wait a sec, don't resized gifs not work on the wiki?
[2013-09-03 05:52:44] <TastySalamanders> I fairly sure I recall that being a thing
[2013-09-03 05:53:11] <Sorceror_Nobody> I don't want it to animate
[2013-09-03 05:53:49] <TastySalamanders> Oh, nevermind then
[2013-09-03 05:55:01] <Sorceror_Nobody> For one thing, it would be grey, since that image does that rather than go transparent.
[2013-09-03 05:55:23] <Sorceror_Nobody> (probably because it can't go transparent; gifs tend to show through earlier layers if you try that)
[2013-09-03 06:26:43] <TastySalamanders> "Guys. Don't you see the real most important thing happening here? WE ARE  ABOUT TO FIND OUT ARANEA'S (and possibly also Meenah's) TROLLTAG(s)."
[2013-09-03 06:26:54] <Sorceror_Nobody> :O
[2013-09-03 06:27:18] <Sorceror_Nobody> Unless of course it turns out to be a literal phone
[2013-09-03 06:27:24] <Sorceror_Nobody> In which case we're boned
[2013-09-03 06:27:54] <Sorceror_Nobody> [ Show shellphonelog ]
[2013-09-03 06:28:31] <TastySalamanders> Also Aranea has gift of gab, it was never clear if Meenah had it but she likely does
[2013-09-03 06:29:06] <Sorceror_Nobody> Well, Meenah doesn't need it as long as she's talking to someone who does have it
[2013-09-03 06:29:16] <Sorceror_Nobody> But she probably does yeah